“You make your own luck in this world.”

As a motivational speaker, I have often been asked what luck is. To many people, luck is an enigma. But if you ask me, I will tell you that luck is nothing but a concoction made out of equal parts of opportunity and efforts. Good things never occur due to sudden, random happenstance. We come across good luck only when we hustle and work towards something with utmost perseverance.

Yes! It is definitely quite difficult to explain how luck works. And yet I will say this - you can make wheels turn in favour of you and usher in more good luck into your life.

How many times have you looked at someone and wondered, “I wish I was as lucky as him”?

Like you, I was not granted luck by the lottery of birth. I have had my shares of failed relationships, rejected job interviews and several other step-downs in life. However, with every step-down, I have learned that we all can get a chance to get lucky. So here I am to share my secret with you today.

To start with, stop being scared. Remember that ‘Fortune always favours the brave’. Be spontaneous and try to embrace surprises that await you around the corner because that way you might just get lucky.

Learn to stay more positive as that will help you attract positive synergy from the world around you. Surround yourself with positive people who will help you build yourself up instead of pulling you down. Put positive seeds into your mind every single day. Go for a morning run or meditate more to fill yourself up with the right kind of thoughts.

Try to Visualize Success. If you believe yourself as a winner, you have a huge effect on your life and your luck. And, you will sooner or later become a winner.

At the same time, remember that success is never a straight line but a path full of curves and side roads. So, learn to accept failure. Embrace your imperfections and flaws and work yourself towards perfection. Take lessons from your setbacks. The more you learn and grow, the luckier you will be.

We often repel good luck in our lives by over-thinking and fretting about missed opportunities in the past or worrying about what is going to happen in the future. Learn to live in the moment so that you can seize present opportunities and turn them into good luck with a sincere effort on your part. Have a clear purpose and switch your focus to now. Start today without any further procrastination.

Also, allow yourself to be a dreamer. Unless you believe in luck, luck won’t come to you. Always believe good things can happen to you. Loosen yourself up and welcome some magic into your life because the very day you decide to do so will be your lucky day.

In the end, do not forget that nobody is born lucky. You need to hustle and bustle to get Lady Luck on your side. Stay positive to stay lucky.

Do you believe the key to getting lucky is right within you? Then join me to share your story to inspire others.



Lavern Brown

Lavern Brown is a former lecturer who has found his niche in writing. He’s one of the bestselling authors under the genre of Life Coaching Books and is best known for penning down The You Within You

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