oneinsevenbillionYou are AMAZING! If you feel unworthy, unloved, lost, abused, defeated, lonely, ashamed, you are wrong, you are very special indeed!

You are AMAZING! Always remember that. If you feel unworthy, unloved, lost, abused, defeated, lonely, ashamed, bewildered, unfulfilled, the list could go on and on. Your own personal fingerprints and DNA tells you that you are very special.

Think about that!

There are over7 billion people on the earth, and no other person has the same Fingerprints and DNA as you. That makes you UNIQUE!

Your DNA links you to being a member of the human family, so that makes us all relatives either directly or indirectly.

Are you perfect in all that you do in life?


Do you make mistakes?


That’s what makes you human.

If you never make or have never made a mistake or wrong decision, you have never learned what not to do or do, to get things right.

Again think about that.

“It’s not all about making the right decisions; it’s all about making the decisions right!”

 Babies only learn to walk by falling down and getting back up again. You then had to learn to take one step at a time and keep falling down until you eventually learned to walk. You can’t remember how many times you had to fall down and get back up, but that’s what you did. And the same also applies to speaking and mastering your other basic senses in life.

You have experienced some form of pain and discomfort by acquiring the skills in walking, and this only came about by the action you were shown to take and then applying the action.

You have gained knowledge by using your senses of sight, smell, feeling, hearing and taste. The only way you learned, was by taking action on what knowledge you had gained. Taking ACTION is the only way to success.

So if you are beating yourself up for whatever reason due to making some kind of human error, do yourself a favour and stop doing that. You are not helping yourself by doing so. Remember, when you fell down before you learned to walk, you didn’t spend all of your time moaning and groaning, you just instinctively got up and began to try to walk again.

Yes at times tears of pain and frustration came, and at times you were helped up, we all need help and guidance sometimes, but eventually, you had to stand on your own two feet and keep striving to walk.

Guess what?

You eventually succeeded and you now walk without thinking about it. You had to go through some form of pain or discomfort to achieve your success, but success was inevitable as long as you didn’t give up.

Remember the old saying, No pain No gain!

If you think you are never going to make painful mistakes in life, or you won’t be mistreated, or experience other forms of discomfort in life, trust me at some stage in your existence you no doubt shall experience these in one form or another.

It’s the beginning of getting to know who you are, it’s part of your life experience to take one small step at a time, to actually fulfil your true potential, by going through life experiences. Good or bad experiences, and learning from them.

                       “There are no endings in life, just new beginnings!”

As I stated earlier, the small space on the tip of your finger has your own personal individual fingerprint on it, and no other person has the same match, as well as your DNA. To me that’s amazing, and you are amazing and of worth.

Why are You Amazing, Unique, and Special?

Have you ever been asked the above question before?

Probably not!

I believe that you and I are here on earth to be happy and to fulfil our own true individual potential by doing something specific that we are born to do.

What is it you are born to do?

Do you know what that something is?

I do know that you hold the key within you. Yes deep inside of you, to unlock the real you that is longing to break FREE.

There are millions of people who don’t know who they really are worldwide, and not knowing what they are here to do in life. They go through life having been moulded into the system they are living in, and then at some stage in their life, start searching for that something, but never finding the contentment, and fulfilment in life that is waiting to be had by everyone. I call it our own personal individual inheritance for coming to this earth that you deserve.

I was one of those people until I lost my job and decided that I had had enough of just existing, and in doing a job, and living a life that I felt wasn’t what I was here to be doing. I felt undervalued and used and abused at times, which was destroying me from within. I had had enough, had come to the end, and decided through a strong feeling deep down inside of me, to get up early each morning and keep walking through my daily routine, until I found the answers to the questions I would be asking myself each day. What is it I’m here on earth to be doing? Why do I feel so unfulfilled? Where do I get the answers from? I wanted to be able to set myself Free from the bewildered, frustrating, turmoil I was feeling deep inside of me, and for far too many years of my life journey!

This is the reason my book “The You within You Hold the Key!” was written. It gives the answers and teaches the daily step by step journey I walked each day, and the people I met along the way, to get to know the real me, and what I’m here on earth to be doing. I’m passionate in wanting to help you to find the real you, so you too like me, will no longer have that feeling deep within you, that unfulfilled feeling that seems to cry out to you deep inside, and finally to be able to set yourself Free. YOUR TIME IS NOW!


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